MATERIAL AND METHODOLOGY INSUN COURSE RISHIVELI Education Program from 1st March to 3rd March 1999 19 members from the state of Gujarat participated for the Material and Methodology Induction Course at Chittoor, Uttar Pradesh.

These members included representative members of the Alternative Schooling, Multigrade Pilot Project as well as new textbook articles. During these days, along with the Gujarat team, 40 members from the state of Tamil Nadu also participated in the same training. In the first meeting of the first day, Dr. Prabhakarrao, Director of Rishiveli Institute.

He introduced himself and got a brief introduction of the entire trainees. They then outlined a brief schedule of these three days. Giving information about his institution, he said that 20 to 25 years ago, there was only one English medium school in Rishiveli. Gradually the teachers there established the first satellite school to share their experiences. Which has now reached 16 numbers. Whose list is attached to this.

These schools provide grants MIRD to some extent which includes teachers' salaries as well as school buildings etc. In each of these schools, teaching is done on a multi-level basis. Up to Std-5 there are no textbooks of any kind used, from Std-6 they use state government textbooks. Up to Std-5 they use only materials like activity-cards, self-study materials, puppets etc. And they use the achievement ladder to evaluate these children

Thus, giving brief information about their schools, they said that if you visit all these schools in person, all your concepts / questions will become clear. Briefed on the work done by the members of Gujarat and Tamil Nadu in their respective states, progress report (in the context of multi-grade education system, new textbooks). An observation program of language teaching is being held in these satellite schools at 11-00 am for which two teams from Gujarat and 4 teams from Tamil Nadu were divided into six teams.

Each team had to go to the school and observe only the report of language teaching as well as the material related to it. In which each member had to observe keeping in view the type of material, group formation, seating arrangement, reference booklets, displays etc. He also asked them to add what they felt and to take note of any questions they may have about it.

They had one supervisor with each team. So if there are any minor issues it can be solved right there. Members of two teams from Gujarat visited Sundarvanam and Haritavanam schools respectively. The buildings of these schools were wonderful. The raw building and the walls were made of bamboo mats all around the top half. The roof was also made of the same type.

A letter-box is kept outside each school in which the children of those schools correspond with the children of other schools. Handicraft samples made by the children as well as charts of parental cooperation and surveyed by the children were hung on the four walls inside the classroom as well as on the ceiling. On one side of the classroom the horses had three separate sections on language, math, environment.

Activity cards were found inside many different boxes in each section. Saw a logo (picture, icon) outlined above each box. In which different animals, birds and creatures were drawn for thematic language, mathematics and environment respectively. Each picture showed a field / ability / skill for that subject. And the sequential activity cards for developing / achieving that ability were found in the picture box. 30-35 children in the same classroom were divided into different groups according to their level.


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The children in each group must know which activity card they have to work with in which department they go to every day. The teacher guided the children in each group. Each child’s teacher had a progress note. J - Achieve it. were filled by ment ladder. This assessment is done by the teacher every week. The school was divided into six groups according to the level of the children about which information was obtained including the children who are only to speak, to handle.


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