Matter of imparting online training to studants of upper primary and secondary schools

Fixed Salary Employees Appointed by Direct Recrtment under this Policy At the end of the prescribed recruitment process during the fixed salary services, they are appointed to another post of the same cadre, to the post of the upper cadre or to the post of regular pay scale. Have. But sometimes due to social reasons, geographical conditions as well as other reasons, the newly appointed place does not suit them. In these circumstances, the state government was under active consideration to make necessary provisions in this regard as no provisions were currently in force for the return of the employee to his previous cadre.

Thus a fixed salary employee returning to the original cadre will immediately lose the prominence of his previous original cadre and it will be considered as his new appointment. And the service of the cadre returning from the previous cadre will not be considered as consecutive service under any circumstances.

The benefit of this resolution regarding the return of a fixed salary employee to his original cadre shall be available only once in his entire life. The benefit of this resolution will not be applicable in case the employee of fixed salary has been dismissed in his original cadre for disciplinary reasons / terminated service or dismissed for disciplinary matters in new service or disciplinary proceedings are pending or pending. The employee / officer who makes such a change in the fixed salary or returns to the original cadre shall be required to recover fifteen (15) days of the total monthly salary of the salary paid after the change of cadre and also to recover the training expenses of the trainee.

Resolution: Dt. Fixed Salary Employees appointed under the policy of 16/02/2006 are selected for the fixed recruitment process during their fixed salary services at the end of the same cadre Ajay place, upper cadre place or regular pay scale place. Such fixed salary employee resigns from his fixed salary cadre to another place in the same cadre, upper cadre post or regular pay scale post if he immediately submits to return to the previous original cadre (resignation cadre).



It is therefore decided to make the following provisions at the end of adult consideration regarding re-appointment (in the resigned cadre), The benefit of returning to the service of the original cadre (in the resigned cadre) immediately from the service of the fixed salary or regular pay scale of the cadre or upper cadre shall be given for the period up to 01 (one) year of their new appointment.

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