Mindspark Application babat gMODU cirular and module

Mindspark Application babat gMODU cirular and module

Wow, for the sake of Bhalaji Wow and its seeds, the competition of Sabarkantha in North Gujarat will be a shining star. In international cricket, it is like chewing iron chana for a student to enter international cricket. At that time, by achieving a unique achievement in the field of psychic cricket, 'Bhala' has raised the pride of the first international blind education against England, the father of cricket.

Kendra played one-day cricket match and in three overs, the English government and the Gujarat state government bowled out three batsmen in eight overs, and they also gave only 15 runs. In collaboration with social organizations, 'Grameen Shikshan Yojana' runs 'Integrated Chakit Karya, print and media attention'. In which the blind went towards ‘Bhalaji’. Family, General School and Ta.

On the morning of 17-11-2, the handicapped child in the society achieves all round development as a completely blind player B1 with the cooperation of the government and the organization. In the national cricket match, he scored 52 runs against Sri Lanka and also the inland tribals, but unfortunately - Pvt. Bhaskar Yogendra Mehta lived in a rural area, without any mistakes he got out during the run year and annually. Because ‘Bhalaji’ who has a brilliant result in a complete blind test is thus given a runner in this game to a goat player.

After batting brilliantly, he used to graze since childhood. When he was in Std. 5, in just 16 overs, the Indian blind players got to know the true identity of his blindness in the society. In 6 wickets, 'Bhala' gave 22 runs, Malpur eye diagnosis wicket of rural Andhajan rehabilitation program is fast again, Sri Lanka's Andhajan cricket team's waist was broken, blind Bhalaji in the camp without losing confidence Continued to learn through the script. With the help of Triveni, he made the world of visions 'good' and became 'Man of the Match'. Touched location.

Tough Shishu Bhalaji Inspired by two men of the professor in the pocket of his traveling a rural blind student, Andhajan sports festival not only Jataj not match 'Rs. 2,000 / - fell. It is secondary but now it is newspapers, but after the training, at the state level, awards in running, jumping, etc., cricket fans, the media all picked up the good and won it, its declining development got a new direction. Fame peaked due to bright appearance.

Std. Pragyachakshu Bhalaji, who is coming in 9th, against New Zealand in the branch, 86 runs for any wicket of Pragyachakshu Hon'ble General Minister Pvt. Bhaskar Mehta did not go blind, everyone was confused ... again ‘Bhala was bowled’. Brought fascination to cricket. Andhajan was trained in cricket and in the last two overs of Bhala, ‘Bhala again got three wickets at the state level, every year in Andhajan cricket, Bhalaji shines against New Zealand

Captain of the Andhajan Cricket Team of Africa. The horse stayed away from the prize but Maulik Tripathi was able to get out well again. Yes! He never forgot to keep pace with the occasional run-out of the series. P. of Malpur. G. Mehta Higher Secondary School did not have much success against Australia, but Std. The first Kanishka Andhajan, a 12th grader, was bowled out for 174 by captain Anand Sharma against World Cup Cricket Pakistan.

Mindspark Application babat gr and module



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