Submission of Primary SHAIKSHIK Unian regarding HTAT (Head Teachers) questions

The following questions of the Head Teachers (HTAT) on duty in the primary schools of Gujarat are kindly requested to be addressed.

Headmaster (HTAT) Fluctuation Camp to be permanently canceled and the slain Headmaster (HTAT) to be returned to his / her original school. Provision of reciprocal transfer and appointment of Headmaster (HTAT) in all schools of Std. 1 to 8 irrespective of the number.

Head Teacher (HTAT) Salary Standard Matter: Adopting the following formulas does not harm them. yvu Aas (HTAT) A Quejs dufluel 4400 grade pay first 12th year pay 4600 grade pay and

In the 24th year, the second U.P. Provided with 5400 grade pay.

The promoted Headmaster (HTAT) should be given a hypothetical addition.

Requirement of higher pay scale as per the following formula after paying 4400 grade pay from the date of appointment as Head Teacher (HTAT) to the Head Teacher (HTAT) attached to direct recruitment or promotion. To provide two higher pay scales as per Head Grade (HTAT) Grade Pay at 9 years 4600 and 20 years 5400 Grade Pay from the date of appointment.

To give two higher pay scales according to the grade pay of 4600 in 9 years and 5400 in 20 years for those who have joined by direct recruitment or promotion by getting a higher salary standard from the head teacher (HTAT) cadre.

To give higher pay scale of 5400 grade pay considering the date of 9th year of joining or 31 consecutive years of employment of the teaching cadre considering whichever is earlier, the head teacher (HTAT) who has joined by direct recruitment or promotion by getting the second higher salary standard of 4400 from the cadre.

The grades of both the head teacher (HTAT) and the education inspector should be the same at present to provide for the departmental examination of the head teacher (HTAT) and to provide for promotion in TPEO.

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