Aaras paras badli babat rajuat gr

Aaras paras badli babat rajuat gr

Parvati (episode) Vinodbahen Avani is a story from years ago. Once after a long absence Parvati my job place is Babapur. Babapur came in Gaikwadi class. After the attendance was over I raised it in the class, the village of the state.

Education of 1st to 4th standard in Gaikwadi villages gave a little sweet reprimand, asked the reason for not coming to school. Was mandatory. Whether it is a rural area or a poor family, the whole class is looking at it. The children standing in the cage of the accused had to take compulsory education. Felt like having.

He got less. During my working days, the Gujarat government cried in response to my question and then sat silently, the law of compulsory education was in force, I was shocked to see the misery of twelve year old child Parvati. He kept coming to school until he had something to say. Didn't want to miss the name.

It can be done in thirteen years if he is determined not to hurt her anymore. I continued my class work with the child completing twelve years. His name was kept on the register until he did. Parvati also continues to come to school irregularly. A nice girl in my class, Bhan. Coming to the backward class. So about Parvati, I asked my Acharya Poo. Bhanubhai from the family, but Tejaswita talked a lot, learning in the eyes, waiting.

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Whenever he learns something new, Poo looks into his eyes. Bhanubhai was a sincere and visionary Acharya. Being a connoisseur of pedagogy, there are barely a few clever students in the wave cheer teaching class. Such rumors have been circulating in Gujarat for the last five years, but from today only clever students keep the teacher active. Fifty years ago. The self-satisfaction of Bhanubhai's school Tarang Ullasmay Sako was also due to such brilliant students. 

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