School Library Narasimhabhai m. Chauhan: "I will not mix with people, friends, women and children, if I can live, I will be with books alone. Poet Kalapi has explained the importance and significance of books through his verses.

The need of the present age is to maintain the knowledge stored in reading literature and make maximum use of it. Constructive actions should be taken in the right direction to satisfy this need satisfactorily. As we move towards the twenty-first century with all the evolving sciences, the new century has to be awakened so that it does not become the twenty-first century without books and reading.

Libraries are an integral part of education and they need a university for the society. The library should provide a library service where the reader can get the required book without wasting time. Today's child is tomorrow's citizen and the main purpose of education is to build character and develop children's abilities in the right direction.

The life of a child which starts from the student life becomes the foundation of the whole life of a human being, that is why it is necessary for the students to make efforts to cultivate the reading juice and library approach in their school life. The responsibility of teachers at school level is multiplied many times in cultivating this reading interest.

Even today most of the primary and secondary schools across the country do not have adequate reading material available, do not have access to children's magazines and do not have library facilities. It is a matter of concern that children are deprived of reading from this level. The level of literacy is increased through libraries and the work of the government to eradicate illiteracy is accelerated.

Therefore, there is a need for a rich "school library" at the school level and it is time to think of a solid plan to make the reading material stored and available in the school library available to all the students of the school without any kind of control. The school library facility should be given priority in the government's approach to quality education.

The school student finds books, religion, education, culture, society and national formation and his thoughts on the subject grow, life is formed and character is developed and many holistic development can take place in the children.

The importance of book and library should be explained in the prayer meeting and occasionally in order to cultivate reading interest in the students, periodical programs related to book introduction should be organized. An exhibition of children's literature is also useful in cultivating reading aptitude. Because through the demonstration the student can become aware of the material stored in the school.

There should be one to two hours of reading activity per week in the school classrooms. Children should be made aware of the daily happenings in newspapers or magazines. By providing reading literature to the parents who are aware through the school, the parents can cultivate reading interest in their children, in this way the reading interest cultivated from childhood can make the child a lifelong reader, as the child is a personality who can carry forward the work we started by imitation.

This baby will be where we are today. Celebrations of festivals like Varshikotsav, book introductions on occasions like Walisammelan, author Milan, planning of events like Kavi Sammelan can also be considered. Teachers should also teach every child in the school to be book friendly.

Imagination flourishes through books, a child's perceptive power and memory also flourish. In addition to children's literature, the school should have magazines like Phulwadi, Niranjan, Champak, Children's Word, Pagli, Pa-Pa Pagli, besides arts, cartoons, cartoons, nursery rhymes, children's dramas and science books. . Just as important.

The usefulness of a library depends on its collection. The better literature a library has, the more useful it will be to society. The school library should have informative, entertaining, inspiring and family oriented and national books. For this, it is also necessary to study the book reviews in current papers and magazines.


The school library should have reference material for teachers along with children's literature but it should be given priority as well. Elegant colorful illustrated literature and biography in the school library


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