Conference on Home Learning on 17-09-2030

  The home learning program will start from 15-6-2020.
   Home Learning allows students to get education from home, with the help of family members. Broadcasting can be done through DD Girnar and Vande Gujarat channel and also on GeoTV.  The time is 9:00 to 12:30 in the morning.
  A virtual classroom is planned.  To ensure that children are not deprived of education, the teacher has to call his students every day and do homework with the book and learn from home learning and seek the help of local teachers to be monitored by CRC BRC.
 Students need to learn something new in their studies.
  1,13,000 online courses have been attended by teachers.
 The main goal is for the student to learn useful things in life and move away from the bar.
Home learning all Video useful for all Students.

   P Bharti Madam spd ssa

 Arrangements have been made for textbook distribution for online learning.  There will be a broadcast on television for which a nice video has been made and a time sheet has been made which has been circulated.  Virtual classrooms will enable 22 lakh students to get education from Microsoft at home, according to NCERT.  It is also decided on which day the material will be viewed from Diksha and youtube.  Q in the textbook.  The R code is given.  Materials can also be re-given for remedial use in students who find it unhealthy.  How children get an education is very important
Home learning all Video useful for all Students.
  * Vinod Rao Sir *

 The academic year was to start from April for which Q.  R code unit tests were all designed not due to covid,
 Which will be completed in time.

  The meeting was held to try to bring equality in government and private schools and to turn disaster into opportunity and make home learning an option and not a compulsion.  There are two words in home learning. Home means parents. Parents have a great responsibility to make parents aware.  And learning is not just about broadcasting but students need to be in constant touch and get their feedback. It is very important to assess carefully. To put the efforts of teachers in the workplace to encourage the best performing teachers in home learning by giving certificates to three to five teachers at BRC level.  Online operations in this regard, Q.  To give certificates for congratulations to the teachers who have done well considering the R code, teaching children differently, parental contact awareness.
Home learning all Video useful for all Students.
 The call will start coming from CCC, in which feedback will have to be given.

 If the case of Kovid 12 increases, it may extend till August, so be prepared accordingly.  If we consider Kovid 12 as an opportunity, instead of one teacher teaching more than one student in the same standard, we will get education of every standard in home learning.

  The unit test will start from July.  There will also be a class to deliver the unit test book home.

  The Mission School of Excellence project has received approval from the World Bank.  15000 schools are made world class. There will be one school in each cluster so that the students do not have to pull but will come to the school itself.

  Students from private schools will be arranged to come to government school.  Admission test of students who have passed Std. 5 in Model School will be done and all will be admitted in Model School and KGBV.
 In view of the above information, to further practice home learning, a video link will be placed in this blog for the children and teachers who missed watching the broadcast on DD Girnar from Std. 3 to 8. 
Home learning all Video useful for all Students.


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